Vital Records

Birth Certificates for individuals born in the state of Missouri

Throughout life a person will use his or her birth certificate for various reasons, including verifiying age, parentage and citizenship.  Birth certificates are also needed for entrance into school, marriage licenses, drivers’s licensure, obtaining passports, veterans’ benefits, welfare, and social security benefits among many other usages.

Henry County Health Center is able to provide you with birth certificates from  1910 – present.


Birth certificates can be given to the following people:

Registrant (the person whose name is on the certificate)

A member of the immediate family which includes those family members and in-laws in the direct line of descent up, but not including cousins Wife, Husband, Son, Daughter, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Grandmother, Grandfather, Grandchildren, Aunt, Uncle, Niece and Nephew are eligible to receive your birth certificate.

A guardian may receive a copy of a birth certificate of a child who is under their care and custody, with appropriate guardianship papers.

Foster Parents with appropriate custody papers.

Authorized agent of person or family.

Others as demonstrated by a direct and tangible interest when information is needed for determination or protection of personal or property rights

People not eligible to receive a birth certificate: Cousins, Funeral Directors, an alleged father, genealogists, and friends.

Current cost for a birth certficiate is $15.00  (Please bring photo ID) Birth certificates are usually available within 5-10 minutes.


Acceptable Documentation for Identification:

Primary Documents (One document is required)

A state issued driver’s license that includes a photograph, date of birth.

A state issued identification card that includes a photograph, date of birth.

A current U.S. military identification card that includes a photograph.

A U.S. passport with current photograph.

A current school identification card/document showing applicant’s name, photograph, and date of school year.

Work identification card that includes the applicant’s name, photograph, and company name.


Alternate forms of Identification Documents (At least two documents)

Letter from government or social agencies

School yearbook

A W-2 form issued within last year in addition to a signed Social Security card (social security numbers must match)

Social Security card or Social Security numident printout (print out of an applicant’s Social Security account of activities)

Court certified adoption papers that includes adopted parent(s) name

Official certified deeds or title to property

Certificate of vehicle title or registration documents

Proof of auto insurance

Insurance policy (health, home, life, etc.)

Medicaid/Medicare document or identification card

A payroll stub that includes a Social Security number of applicant (cannot be handwritten stubs)

Military discharge document (DD-214)

Cancelled duplicate check (must show name, address, signature, and name of institution)

Utility bills which shows name and address of applicant (water, gas, electric, telephone)

Shelter name band (including name of shelter)


For a Birth Certificate Application, go to:

You may bring this with you to the Henry County Health Center and we can print you a Birth Certificate, if, and only if, you were born in Missouri. You must present acceptable identification to obtain a Birth Certificate.

Call 660-885-8193 with any further questions.


Death Certificates

Death certificates can provide important information such as circumstances/cause of death, final disposition, his/her parents, date of birth, race, sex, and name of spouse.  This type of information is needed for insurance benefits, pension claims and the transfer of real and personal property.

Death certificates are available from 1980-present.

All family members, genealogists representing family members, a physician acting on behalf of the person or family and a funeral director acting on behalf of the family.

People who will not be able to receive a death certificate include: friends, attorneys not acting on behalf of the person or family, and physicians not acting on behalf of the person or family.

Current cost for a death certificate is $14.00.  Each additional certificate at time of request is $11.00  (Please bring photo ID) Death certificates are usually available within 5-10 minutes.


For a Death Certificate Application, go to:

You may bring this with you to the Henry County Health Center and we can print you a Death Certificate, as long as you are one of the eligible persons to pick it up.  You must present acceptable identification to obtain a Death Certificate.

Call 660-885-8193 with any further questions.


Obtaining Birth & Death Certificate (If you live out of state)

Option 1:

There are two websites available for expedient service. These websites are privately owned and have no connection to the Henry County Health Center. There are extra fees for this service but it is one of the faster methods.

Option 2:

If you have a relative that lives in the state of Missouri you can have that relative take their picture ID in to any local Health Department and they can obtain your certificate for you. See Birth & Death Certificate sections above for list of eligible individuals.

Option 3:

You can print off the Application for a Vital Record from our website or from the State of Missouri Website at

Fill out application completely for the type of certificate you are requesting.

Have a notary witness your signature on the application.

Mail notarized application, copy of picture ID and a check or money order made out to the Henry County Health Center to our office at 1800 Community Drive Clinton, MO 64735


Fees are as follows

Birth certificate $15.00 per copy

Death certificates are $14.00 for the first copy and $10.00 for any additional copy you order at the same time.

If everything is in order we will print your certificate and mail it to you ASAP.


For more information on vital records, please contact one of our Client Services Associates:

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