STI (STD) Testing

The Henry County Health Center offers STI/HIV testing.

Testing is available at the Henry County Health Center for sexually transmitted infections (aka STDs), such as: Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis C.

It is now free of charge as a service to our community.


Am I at Risk?

Ways that infections are transmitted may vary with disease, but generally, transmitting body fluids in the form of saliva, semen, blood, urine, or feces can increase the risk of infection.  Anyone who is sexually active can be at risk for sexually transmitted infections, but some  factors that raise that risk are as follows:

Being sexually active, especially with a new or multiple partners (male or female) in the last 12 months

Any IV drug use since last being tested for STD

Being a sex partner of an IV drug user

Being a sex partner to someone with different or multiple partners in the last 12 months

Having a parent, especially a mother, who was HIV positive

Being a blood or organ recipient at any time in your life

Been a victim of sexual assault

Obtaining tattoos and piercings

Are symptomatic: with suspicious sores, chronic fatigue, or itching, burning, or discharge in the genital or oral areas

Occupational exposure (healthcare, personal care, environmental services)


In addition, it is recommended that anyone who is pregnant or trying to become pregnant obtain STI testing to avoid complications.

NOTE: The  CDC states that persons who are considered “Baby Boomers” ( born between the years 1945 and 1965) have a 50% greater risk of being positive for Hepatitis C, and therefore recommends that anyone born in that time period obtain testing. Over 75% of diagnosed cases in the US at this time are within this population, and although Hepatitis C can cause serious injury to the liver, treatment is available and can be very effective if started early.

Please call the Henry County Health Department at (660)890-8193 to make an appointment for testing if you have any of these risk factors.