Safe Cribs Program

Need a safe crib for your infant?

Infants spend much of their first year sleeping. Make sure it’s safe sleep. To see if you qualify for a portable crib at no cost, contact Henry County Health Center at 660-885-8193 or at the address below.

ABC’s of safe sleep:


  • Baby should always sleep alone – not with an adult, other children, a twin, or anyone else.
  • Baby should sleep alone, in a safe crib, bassinet, or play yard, in the same room as the caregiver.



  • Baby should always be put down to sleep on his/her BACK.
  • The risk of SIDS is much higher when a baby sleeps on their tummy or side.
  • The danger is MUCH greater when a baby who normally sleep on his/her back is placed on tummy to sleep.
  • Once baby is rolling over on their own during sleep, it is OK to let baby sleep that way.



  • Baby should sleep in a safe crib, bassinet, or play yard, with a snug mattress and a tight-fitting sheet.
  • There should be NOTHING in the crib with the baby – no pillows, blankets, quilts, bumper pads, soft toys, stuffed animals, sheepskins, comforters, etc.
  • Blankets should be replaced with an infant sleep sack or a one piece sleeper.
  • Babies should not sleep on couches, adult beds, bean bags, air mattresses or soft mattresses.
  • Babies should not be put to sleep in swings, recliners, infant seats, car seats, or other infant care products that are not a crib, bassinet, or play yard.



  • There should be no smoking around infant or in infant’s environment.
  • Do not overheat baby – keep room temperature comfortable for lightly clothed adult.
  • Offer pacifier at nap time and bedtime.
  • Breastfeeding and immunizations provide protection also.
  • Make sure everyone who cares for your baby knows about Safe Sleep! (daycare, grandparents, babysitters)


Henry County Health Center

111 North Third Street

Clinton, MO 64735